The most expensive transfers in Brazilian football history

The transfer window has come to an end, and the new season promises to be even more interesting than the previous one. This is due to the fact that the teams have a lot of new players, who can play in different positions.
The main transfer of the summer was the acquisition of the young midfielder of Manchester United, Anthony Martial. The player is a young talent who has already made a name for himself in the English Premier League.

The Portuguese player has already managed to score a number of important goals for his team, and he is now one of the main players of the team. The young player has managed to become the main player of the United team, which is a great achievement for him.
However, it is not the only transfer that the team made this summer. The team also bought a goalkeeper, who is a good choice for the team, because it is a position where the team needs to improve.
In the summer, the team also made a number transfers, which can be considered as a good sign for the future. The main transfer that was made was the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo, who became the main star of the Portuguese team.
This transfer is not a bad one, because the player has a lot to prove, and it is clear that he needs to do it in the best way.
Main transfer of Manchester City
The previous season, the Manchester City was one of those teams that managed to win the Premier League title, and this year the team has a new star in its lineup. This star is the young player of Manchester, Sterling.
Sterling is a talented footballer who is able to score goals, and his main quality is his speed. The English player has become one of Manchester’s main stars, and now he is able not only to score, but also to distribute the ball.
It is clear now that the player is able, not only in the Premier league, but in the world, too. The transfer of Sterling is a positive sign for Manchester City, because now it is much easier to get the player.
Another good news for the club is the acquisition by the club of Leroy Sane, who will become one the main stars of the club. The Portuguese player is an excellent player, who has managed not only a number goals, but who also managed to create a number points for his club.
Now, the club has a good chance to win many trophies this season, and if the team manages to win all the trophies, it will be the first time in the club’ history.
New season in the Champions League
The new season of the Champions league promises to bring a lot more interesting events, and there is a high probability that the favorites will be able to win their group.
Of course, the main favorite of the season is Real Madrid, but there are other teams that are able to challenge the Royal Club. The most likely candidates for the victory of the strongest club in the history of the tournament are:
* Barcelona;
* Juventus;
* Liverpool.
Each of these teams has a number players, and they are able, together with the main club of the Old Continent, to achieve a lot.
Real Madrid is one of these clubs, and its main advantage is its strong lineup. The club has the following players:
1. Cristiano.
2. Ramos.
3. Ramos’ partner.
These players are able not to be replaced by any other player, and therefore, they are a real advantage for the Royal club. This lineup is able now to win a lot, and many people are expecting that the club will be one of Real’ favorites.
Barcelona has also a good lineup, and although it is still not the strongest, the players are getting stronger. The current lineup of the Catalan team is able in the current season to achieve many victories, and even if the club does not win any trophies, the fans will always remember the victories of the current lineup.
Juventus is another club that is able at the moment to achieve good results, and in the new year, the Turin team will have a number player in its roster. The players of Juventus are: Allegri, De Ligt, Pogba, Griezmann, and Godin.
Liverpool is another team that is very likely to achieve victories this season. The Liverpool team has the strongest lineup in the entire tournament, and each of its players is able and capable of achieving great results.
Among the main favorites of the new tournament, the following teams have the best chances of winning:
• Barcelona;


New players for the Reds
The summer transfer window was very successful for Liverpool, and a number number of new acquisitions have been made by the team this year. Among the new players that the Reds have acquired are:

* De Ligue 1 champion;
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“ ’;
“ “;

” “.
All of these players are very good players, but they are not the main ones of the squad.

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