Who’s going to win the Premier League with a week to go?

The Premier League is the most popular football tournament in the world. The season is in full swing, and the main intrigue is the fight for the champion title.
The last time the fight was really intense was in the summer of 2012, when the teams from the top divisions met in the Champions League.
In the end, Manchester City won the coveted trophy, and it was a real triumph for the Citizens.
However, the main rival of the Citizens was Liverpool. The Reds won the Premier league for the first time in a long time, and they are now the main contenders for the title. The Merseysiders are a great team, which can really compete with the leaders of the English Premier league.

The season is still young, so there is still a lot of time for the teams to improve their positions. The main contenders of the title are:
* Manchester United;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal;
* Liverpool.
All of them have a chance to win it. The fight for gold medals will be really intense, and you can follow the latest results on the website of sports statistics.
What are the main changes in the lineup of the teams?
The main changes of the lineup are the following:
1. The transfer of Aguero. The player was bought by the Citizens for a record-breaking fee of £49 million. The Argentinean striker is a great addition to the lineup, and he will definitely help the team to score goals.
2. The acquisition of Lukaku. The Belgian striker has a lot to prove, and his performance in the Premier tournament is already impressive. The Everton player scored 4 goals in the first round, and now he is scoring goals in every match.
3. The return of Aguirre. The Chilean was a great player for the Reds, and was one of the main leaders of their lineup. Now he is playing for the B team, and is not in the starting lineup.
4. The signing of Sterling. The Englishman is a fantastic player, and can help the Citizens to score a lot.
5. The arrival of Rashford. The young player is already showing himself in the English championship, and will definitely add a lot not only to the scoring, but also to the defensive line of the team.
6. The departure of Valencia. The Spanish player is a good player, but he is not the best player of the club.
7. The appointment of a new coach of the Reds.
This lineup is already very impressive, and we can expect a lot more from the players of the new club. The new coach will have to decide whether he will use the lineup the way it is, or whether he wants to make some changes.
Will the new coach be able to save the club from the relegation zone?
In general, the new manager of the Merseysides will have a difficult task. The team has a long way to go, and many players are not in their best shape.
One of the most important tasks of the coach is to save his team from the danger of relegation. The last time this happened was in 2011, when Liverpool was relegated to the second division.
At the moment, the Reds are in the middle of the standings, and there is a real fight for places in the top 4. The situation is very serious, and if the team does not find a way out of the relegation area, then it will be very difficult to fight for a place in the European cups.
Where can you follow the results of the matches of the clubs in the fight to get into the top-4?
You can always follow the Premier results on our website. Here, you will find the information about the matches held in the championship, as well as the results and the schedule of the upcoming matches.
You will also find the schedule and the results on a convenient platform.
Who will win the title of the strongest team in the EPL?
There are many teams in the league who are considered as the strongest in the country. The following teams are the leaders in the standings:
· Liverpool;
· Manchester City;
· Chelsea; and
· Arsenal.
These teams have a great chance of winning the title, because they have the following advantages:
• Long bench. The clubs have a long bench, and each of them has a number of players who are ready to play in the matches. This will allow them to play more often and be more effective.
• Long bench of players. The teams have long bench of their players, and this allows them to rest a little and be ready for the matches at any time.
· Good teamwork. The players of these teams work well together, which allows them not to make mistakes and score goals in matches. The leaders of these clubs are: Aguero, Sterling, Rashford, Aguirne, and others.
It is really difficult to find a team that can fight against the leaders, because the teams have different styles of playing. The best teams have an excellent teamwork, and their players are able to find the right position in the field.
How to follow the EFL Cup results?
Now, the EFA Cup is held every year, and every year the Epl Cup is won by the team that has the best results.

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