Is Wenger departing from Arsenal a good idea?

In the last season, the Gunners managed to win the Champions League, but the team has not been able to get into the top-4 of the Premier League for a long time.
The team’s problems are not limited to the Champions league, as the team is also in a bad shape in the domestic arena. The Gunners are losing points in all the matches, which is not good for the team”s morale.
However, the team does not need to make a lot of changes, as Wenger’ s team has a long bench and a good selection of players.
In fact, the main problem of the team right now is the lack of motivation. The team has been playing for the last two seasons without winning a trophy, so the team needs to get rid of the bad results and start winning trophies again.
This is why the team will have to play with a new coach, as it is not possible to replace the legendary Frenchman.

However it is possible that the Gunner’ will be able to win trophies again, if they will be motivated enough.
Where can the team get new players?
The main problem for the Gunnarsson’ family is the fact that the team doesn’t have a long-term solution for the lack in motivation.
It is possible to solve this problem, as there are a lot players who can be used for the long-haul.
One of the main options for the club is to get some young players. The main player who can help the team to get a long tournament distance is Theo Walcott.
At the moment, the England forward is in a good shape, and the team should use him in the right way.
Wenger has already stated that he is ready to leave the position of the head coach, but he needs to find a solution to the problem of motivation, because the team can not play for a whole season without winning trophies.
Do you think the Gunnarsons will be in a position to win a trophy again?
It’ll be very difficult for the current team to win again, as they have not been in the top 4 for a very long time, and it is very difficult to win titles when you are not in the best shape.
But the team still has a chance to get to the top4, if it will be more motivated and will start playing for a longer period.
What are the main problems of the Gunnsons?
There are several problems for the Arsenal, but they are not the main ones.
First of all, the club has a good bench, which allows the team not to lose points in matches.
Secondly, the current squad is not very strong, so it is necessary to strengthen the team in order to fight for the title.
Thirdly, the players are not very motivated, so they play in a boring and routine way. It is possible, though, to improve the situation, if the team gets a new head coach.
If you look at the current situation of the club, it is obvious that it is time for a change. The current coach is not able to motivate his players, so he needs a new solution.
There is a good chance that the club will get a new leader, who will be ready to motivate the team.
Will the Gunnlssons be able win trophies in the near future?
In general, the situation with the Gunni’ssons is not the best, but there is still a chance for the future.
They are not going to win all trophies in a row, but if they are able to finish in the first position of their group, then it is a real chance to win gold medals.
Of course, this will be a long and difficult task, but it is still possible to get there.
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