Ranieri: We have to be as focused as possible in Sevilla

Raniero Siena has been in the background for the past few seasons, but this time he is a real leader. The Italian coach has been working with the team for several years, so he knows the players well. He is also able to make changes to the lineup, which is very important in the current situation.
Sevilla has a good chance to win the championship, so it is very interesting to watch the game of the team. The main thing is to focus on the matches against the main contenders for the title.
Riccardo Saponarii
The Italian coach is the main candidate for the position of the head coach of the main club in Italy. Sevilla has an excellent lineup, so the team has a great chance to take part in the Champions League.
The team has been playing well for several seasons, so now it is ready to fight for the main trophy of the country. Sevillians are ready to win, so they will try to do their best in every match.

The main thing for the team is to be focused on the Champions league, because the team does not have a chance to get into the Europa League. This season, the team will play against the following teams:
* Manchester United;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal;
* Liverpool.
It is very difficult to make it to the Champions club, so Sevilla will try their best to get the title, which will be very important for the club.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The season has already ended, so we can already see the main intrigue of the season. The team has already won the Europa league, so there is a good possibility to repeat the feat.
However, the main thing that will be of interest to fans is the fight for a place in the top-4 of the Premier league. The last time this happened was in the season of 2000-01, when the team was in a fight for getting into the top 4.
In the current season, Sevilla is in a good shape, because it has a strong lineup. The coach has a lot of experience in the team, so everything will be decided by the results of the games.
This season, it is also important to focus not only on the domestic championship, but also on the international arena. This is the most important for Sevilla, because this year the team plays in the Europa zone.
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The current season of the Spanish championship is very intriguing. The fight for gold medals is very intense, and the main competitors of Sevilla are:
1. Barcelona;
2. Atletico;
3. Real Madrid.
Barcelona has a very good lineup, and it is quite possible that the Catalans will be able to win all the trophies. This team is very strong, and its main competitors are: ​​Liverpool, ​​Manchester United, ​​​Chelsea and ​​Real Madrid. The current season is very exciting, because there is no doubt that the team can win all trophies.
One of the most interesting games of the current campaign is the match against ​​Barcelona. The Catalans have a good lineup and are ready for every match, because they are in a very strong position.
Atletico is also a good team, but it is not the main contender for the gold medals. Real is a team that is in the middle of the standings, and this is a very interesting fight for places in the elite.
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New Season in the Spanish Championship
The new season of Spanish football has started, and there is still a lot to be played. The new season is especially interesting because of the fact that the main favorites of the championship are not the same as in the previous season.
First of all, we can mention the following clubs: ​​​Barcelona, ​‌Atletico, ​Real Madrid, ​Liverpool, Manchester United, and ​‍Barcelona again.
These teams are not in the best shape, so their competitors are in the fight. The competition is very tense, and you can always find out the results on the sports statistics website.
There is a lot that can be done in the new season, and now the main goal of the teams is to win gold medals and get into top-5 of the premier league.
Team’s Prospects in the New Season
In previous seasons, the teams were able to get in the playoffs, but they failed. This time, the competitors are not so strong, so even if the team fails in the first round, it will not be in vain.
For the team’ s prospects in the future, the following factors should be considered:
· high level of the lineup;
· high level of individual skills;
high motivation of the players.
If the team manages to win a place into the elite, it can be a great achievement for the coach.
Results of the Current Season
This year, the season has been very intense.

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