Arsenal fans need to calm down!

The team’s performance in the first half of the season has been quite poor, but this is not the first time the team has been in such a situation. The team has already lost to the team of the Catalan Barcelona in the Champions League. The Catalans are the main favorites of the tournament, but the team needs to find a way to win the match.
The following factors are the reasons for the team”s poor results:
1. Lack of motivation. The players are tired of losing, and the team does not have a good game plan.
2. Lackadaisical coaching. The head coach has not been able to find the right balance between the attacking and defensive lines, which has led to the fact that the team is not able to perform well in the matches.
3. Lack in the level of the individual players.
It is obvious that the players are not motivated enough to fight for the title, which is why they are not able even to show their best game.
However, the team still has a chance to win gold medals, because the team will have to fight against the following teams:
* Barcelona;
* Valencia;
* Real Madrid.
* Manchester United.
All the teams will be stronger than the Catalans, and if the team manages to win all the matches, it will be able to claim the title.
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Who will win the title of the strongest team in the world?
The Catalans have a long way to go, but they are the strongest in the domestic arena. The following factors can help the team to win:
· High level of individual players;
· – Good teamwork;
– Strong defense.
In the international arena, the Catalons have a chance, too. The main problem of the club is the level in the international stage. The club has not yet been able fully to demonstrate its potential, so the team cannot yet be called a real contender for the champion title. However, if the club manages to improve its results in the European arena, it can be considered a real favorite of the championship.
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How to follow the team’s results
The club” s results in matches with the Catalonians are quite good, but it is not enough to win. The fans have to wait for the next matches, when the Catalones will be the main favorite.
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There are many reasons for Catalanes to be the strongest club in the Spanish championship. The most important one is the following:
• Long bench. The coach has to choose the players for the matches on the bench, and he has to do it in such way that the club does not lose points.
• High level in individual players” skills.
If the Catalane team manages not to lose points, then it will definitely be able not only to win, but also to be one of the main contenders for the gold medals.
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What to expect from the team in matches against the Catalan giants?
In general, the club has a good chance to fight with the following clubs:
● Barcelona; and
● Valencia.
Barcelona is the main rival of the Spanish team, but if the Catalanian club manages not only not to win but to lose a match, then the team can be called the main contender for gold medals in the tournament.
Valencia is a club that is very close to the Catalano”S, but its results are not so good. The problem is that the coach has no time to find an effective game plan, which leads to the failure of the players. The situation in the match against the team from Valencia is quite similar to the match with the Catalan team. The Catalan team is a real rival of Valencia, but in the next season the Catalian club will definitely have a better chance to be able win the champion” title. The first matches of this team will be very important for the club, because if it manages to beat the Catalana” team, then this will be a good signal for the coach to make some changes in the lineup.
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