How many goals will Alexis Sanchez score this season?

The Chilean forward has already scored a lot of goals for Manchester United. He has already managed to score 11 goals in the Premier League, which is a record for the club.

The team has already won the EPL title, and Sanchez is one of the main contenders for the Golden Boot. In the current season, the Argentinean has scored a total of 22 goals.
The main goal of the team is to win the Champions League, but it is also important to win other tournaments. The team needs to win at least one match in order to win a place in the Europa League zone.
Where can you watch the game of Manchester United?
The club has a lot to play for in the current campaign. The main goal is to get into the Champions league zone, and the team needs a good result in the English Premier League.
However, the main goal for the team will be to win gold medals in the international arena. The United have already won two cups, and they are the Europa and the League Cup.
If the team wins the Champions, it will be the first time in the club’s history that they will be able to win both the Europa Cup and the Champions.
You can always follow the results of the game on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the information about the results and the statistics of the matches of the club and its rivals.
What are the main rivals of Manchester City?
In the current English season, Manchester City has a good chance to win all the trophies. The club has already achieved great results, and it is now the main contender for the title of the most successful team in the country.
In general, the team has a balanced squad, which allows it to play in the most difficult competitions. The City has already played in the Champions Cup, where it lost to Liverpool.
But the team still has a chance to get to the next round, and if it manages to win, it can take the lead in the fight for the champion title.
City has a very good squad, and many of its players have already played for the first team. The following players are especially important for the Mancunians:
* Sergio Aguero;
* David Silva;
* Leroy Sane;
* Kevin De Bruyne;
and many more.
These players have a lot in common, and this is why they can be the main trump cards of the Citizens in the upcoming season.
Will the team be able not to lose points in the EFL Cup?
It is still unclear, but the team can not lose points at the Epl, and in the future, it is very important to play at the highest level.
Manchester City has the best squad in England, and its main competitors are:
1. Liverpool. The Merseysiders have a balanced lineup, and their main trump card is the experience of the leaders. The Reds have already managed not to concede many goals in a long tournament distance.
2. Chelsea. The Blues have a good squad and are ready to compete in the tournament.
3. Arsenal. The Gunners have a very balanced lineup. The players have experience in the championship, and a good understanding between them allows them to play together.
It has been a long season, and now it is really important for Manchester City to win everything. The Mancuns have a chance, but they need to show their maximum in the remaining matches of this season. If they do not manage to do this, then the team may lose points and be left behind.
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The season has already ended, and we can already say that it was a successful one for the main favorites of the championship.
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How to watch the matches on fscores?
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This season, we can say that the main favorite of the English championship is Manchester City. The Citizens have a great lineup, which can be used to score goals. The squad of the M.E. City has an excellent understanding, which allowed it to win in the last season’time.
Also, the club has an experienced coach in Manuel Pellegrini. He managed to get the team to the Champions’ League zone, which was a great achievement.
At the same time, the Citizens have to fight for a place at the top of the standings. They have already lost to the Merseysides, and there is still a long way to go.
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